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1. OWN WILLING - You participate this program without consent of any party.

2. SINCERE - You sincerely contribute to other Paed.live Members without consent of any party and you will not claim back the donations you have made.

3. OWN RISK - You are 100% fully responsible for any profit and loss from joining this Paed.live Program.

4. OWN EFFORT - You understand that the profit is from the outcome of your own efforts to promote this Community Program and the display of the amount of income on this site is just an example of calculations.

5. REGISTRATION - You did not register for another person without their consent.

6. REPUTATION - You will always look after the reputation of Paed.live, the management and all Paed.live Members.

7. REPORT - You will report to the admin if you find any Paed.live Partners who are doing things that will affect the reputation of the Paed.live.

8. MANAGEMENT RIGHTS - The management reserves the right to modify, repair, upgrade and close this community program at any time without prior notice.

9. CHANGE OF TERMS & CONDITIONS - The management reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

10. BENEFITS OF OTHERS - The management's decision is always to ensure that this Paed.live program benefits all Community Members.

11. BLOCK OF ACCOUNTS - The management will block any accounts that are found to be guilty of these terms and conditions without any prior notice.