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Who is Paed.live?
Paed.live (Play And Earn Daily - PAED) is not owned by any Company or Directors. The program is volunteered by a Dedicated Team of Administrators. It provides System and Operations round the clock towards a Policy of Honesty and Success. Who share the common interest of people - that is to Benefit Everyone in a Fair Manner. We believe "IF YOU CAN'T DO IT ALONE - WE CO DO IT TOGETHER - IN ONE COMMUNITY"

What is Paed.live?
Paed.live is a Global APP Advertising phenomena - A new way of the Internet - Giving Ordinary People an Opportunity to join a Noble Cause of "PEOPLE - HELP - PEOPLE" - To assist themselves and their families to Solve and live life with Financial Freedom in this Instability Monetary Control System of the world today. (FIAT Paper Money)

Why Paed.live?
A Simple - Powerful and Influential Advertising Program - Where people share and unite in One Community - Ready to assist in Human Principle. A Specialised Program to determine Wealth Contributions based on the Values of Leverage - "View and Get Paid"